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I am extremely excited that my painting A tranquil moment has been selected for the Naked and Nude Art prize at the Manning Regional Gallery in Taree NSW.
The  exhibition opens: Saturday, 28 August 2021.
and  closes: Sunday, 10 October 2021.I hope some of you can make it along to see the exhibition

I am delighted to show my painting “A Childs wisdom” in the “Covid Creations” Exhibition by the Melbourne Society of Women Sculptors and painters, The Society has a long and proud history as the oldest surviving women’s art group in Australia.
Founded in 1902, the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors (MSWPS) is Australia’s oldest specialist organisation for women artists. Many women have been members of the Society. Radicals and conservatives, painters, sculptors, printmakers, china painters, craft workers, commercial artists and designers, professionals and amateurs, women artists of varying skills and philosophies worked together as members of the MSWPS. Click here for details

It was an honour to be featured on “The Creators Process ” youtube channel with Jayden Byrne,
see the interview here Click here to watch

I’m so happy that my Painting “Dawn of an Age” will be on show in the Artelibre 20×20 exhibition at Art Rome Gallery in Zaragoza, Spain

Artelibre-20 x20′′

Today we opened the first of the two exhibitions we will perform at the Art Rome Gallery in Zaragoza, 90 paintings by artists from around the world gathered in a 20 x20 format.

– 1nd exhibition from June 5th to July 15th.

– 2st Exhibition July 17th-September 4th

I was so honored to be commissioned by the lovely Grace Farriss  {daughter of Andrew Farriss from INXS fame} to paint her as the Venus for her recently released solo Album titled “GRACE”
I had a lot of fun painting this piece collaborating with Grace on her theme and listening to her beautiful voice as I painted.
Her album is now released and its beautiful
Here is the link to my favorite song
from the Album Listen here

Grace wrote a beautiful testimonial about commissioning me to paint her as Venus below

“After spending many years writing and recording my album ‘Grace’ and once I had finished it all and then listened to it over and over again revelling in my own creation and enjoying the labour of my work. The next obvious question was then how will my album be represented visually.
I found it quite overwhelming trying to come up with something that truly fit what I thought my album represented. My album ‘Grace’ is very grand and very open in feeling and there is a great balance of masculine and feminine energy in my album. Which I am very proud of.
I initially thought of painting my album cover myself, but the style of painting I wanted was far more classical and traditional than I could ever create on the level I could see for it. I love all of the art mediums, but I thought an oil painting would be just right.
I wanted something that felt extravagant and humble and I wanted a real artwork painted by an amazing artist and that’s when I came across Vicki Sullivan. I thought wow this is exactly what I want. Vicki’s work is so great that it is exactly the right fit for what my album represents in so many ways.
I came up with the idea that a botticelli inspired “The Birth Of Venus” would be a perfect fit in an oil painting medium and I thought a painting that encompassed the power, the freedom and the romance that “The Birth Of Venus” encompassed I knew would be perfect .
I then approached Vicki and asked her if she would like to paint the Album Artwork for my album ‘Grace’ . I was so hopeful she would be interested and would want to be a part of my album ‘Grace’.
Vicki responded so much more enthusiastically than what I was anticipating and she stated that she had been trying to find the right person to paint an inspired and recreated version of “The Birth Of Venus” coincidentally. It was truly one of those moments that just felt so right and like a giant puzzle piece we had both found.
We then discussed and spoke among ourselves at great length about how we were going to go about it and how we were going to commence the artwork. I said I want it to be the balance of masuline and feminie energy and I want it to have atlantean and indigeous themes in the artwork. We then found the perfect balance of how it should be.
Vicki then invited me to her amazing Melbourne art studio in Rye to pose and to take photographs as well as a live portrait sketch for the painting. When I arrived in Rye I was amazed by the most incredible limestone landscape and the Rye coastlines. I was so moved by the land when I arrived at her beautiful home. I remember travelling past a beautiful white limestone church on the way to Vicki’s hom, it was shining so bright, I could feel the sun on the limestone.
I brought a massive muslin cloth and two types of gold thread to tie up around me and to keep the muslin cloth in place. Although I ended up only holding up the creamy white muslin cloth instead which ended up repsrenting to me the white wash and froth of the expansive ocean.
I stood up on the podium all rosy cheeked and bright lips and Vicki asked me to practice the contrapposto pose and so I stood in this pose, finding the right poses and finally we captured the right pose and the right position for the piece. I was completely natural and I do not really wear makeup but on this very special occasion I only wore a bit of natural blush powder and beetroot, rose and beeswax lip tint. Which naturally brings the blood and rosiness to my lips.
Once we had chosen the photograph for Vicki to paint. Vicki then went to work and went on to paint the masterpiece for an entire year. Sending me progress photographs and speaking over the phone made us feel very emotional about the grand scale of the artwork and how amazing it was to be doing something so beautiful.
Vicki then sent me the final artwork and I was completely emotionally blown away. I was mesmerised. Quite a few tears were shed.
It was a very powerful and humbling moment. I felt so lucky and so amazed that Vicki had painted me for an entire year. Vicki really knew me and there are veins on my hand that she just captured so perfectly. I could tell she studies every inch of me.
It was an incredibly amazing and an overwhelming feeling and I everytime I look at Vicki’s masterpiece “The Birth of Venus” I am mesmerized and blown away every time. I was completely amazed by Vicki’s work. It was an incredible experience and visually met the same overwhelming experience of creating my album ‘Grace’.
I am so proud to have Vicki’s masterpiece “The Birth of Venus” as my album artwork for my album ‘Grace’.”

I’m so pleased that my painting “The Jack of Hearts” was selected for iArtistas publication  Music Man curated by Alessandro Tomasetti .
Each painting in the publication was inspired by a song and each song plays in this great publication
 Click here to see Music Man

I was thrilled to be featured in the Southern Peninsula News about my Artwork going to the actual Moon in the Artists on the Moon project Download Article

In the most amazing news yet , Moon Goddess is heading to the Moon!!! Yes the Actual Moon.

Noted physicist/writer/collector Dr. Samuel Peralta is organizing a digital archive of creative work sending visual, music, and literary artists – on a time capsule to the Moon via Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lunar Lander, launching late 2021 on a United Launch Alliance Vulcan Centaur rocket, scheduled to land on the moon in late 2021, and will contain time capsule payloads.

 The WOTM database is contained in a microSD card and encapsulated in a special DHL MoonBoxTM. Delivery is by Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lunar Lander, through NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.

Launch is scheduled in July 2021 from Cape Canaveral, Florida on a United Launch Alliance Vulcan Centaur rocket.

The lander will touch down in the Lacus Mortis region of the Moon, marking Earth’s return, and the first mission carrying commercial payloads, to the lunar surface. According to Dr Peralta “This is the first commercial launch to the Moon in history, and marks the first US spacecraft to land on the Moon since the Apollo program over 50 years ago.” Dr Peralta is generously including several digital catalogues from Poet’s Artists shows in his archive Including “Storytellers” which includes my painting Moon Goddess.

As far as I know Moon Goddess will be the first Moon Goddess on the Actual Moon……mind boggling stuff

“Our hope is that future travelers who find this capsule will discover some of the richness of our world today,” Dr. Peralta said.

“These works on the Moon speak to the idea that, despite wars and pandemics and climate upheaval, humankind found time to dream, time to create art.”

A Huge thank you to Samuel Peralta and Didi Menendez for this wonderful opportunity 

Check out the link Here for more info

I am absolutely Thrilled that my painting “Just another day at the office ” a portrait of Skyhooks living legend Bob Starkie is the Winner of  the peoples choice in the Hidden Faces Exhibition, This was such a fun painting with Bob’s wonderful Frilled neck lizard costume and gold platform shoes and Gold leaf background.

I am feeling so thankful that my painting Moon Goddess has been selected for the Women Artists Exhibiton at the European Museum of Modern Art {MEAM} in Barcelona, from the 8th March -2nd May 2021

Click here for details

I am so delighted to be invited to exhibit in the Local Australiasian exhibition at Outr’e Gallery in Melbourne opening 12th Feb -7th March 2021

my painting The Rythm of Life will be on show

contact the Gallery here https://www.outregallery.com/pages/our-galleries

if  you would like to place a red dot on this piece

I was delighted to have my work featured in an article on Gogomagazine Download Article

I am over the moon that 3 of my paintings have been selected as finalists in The 2020 Art Renewal Center Salon,

I’m Thrilled that my painting Louise’s Quinces  and my Drawing Wild Thing , have both been selected as finalists in the  AME Bale Competition, Caulfield, Victoria

I’m Thrilled that my painting Louise’s Quinces  and my Drawing Wild Thing , have both been selected as finalists in the  AME Bale Competition, Caulfield, Victoria

I’m thrilled that my painting “Just another day at the office” oil and Gold leaf on linen, H 120cm x w 85cm has been selected for the Hidden Faces exhibition,
Which is online this year due to Covid
You may  Vote for the Peoples choice here

I was delighted to have an Editorial written about my work in the Spanish magazine Marbella Marbella , by Walter Van Teefelen

Download Article

I feel so lucky to have Two of my paintings in this wonderful collection , with so many amazing artists ,

 Watch video here

I am super excited to have my painting The Journey Begins in the 14th Annual Art Renewal Center Salon Exhibition at Sotheby’s in New York. Because of Covid 19 it is now being shown online and here is a link to the virtual Catalogue,
Download ARC Virtual Catalogue here 
My painting is on page 192 and 193

Also I made a little video about the inspiration for the piece
Open Video here

Australian Portrait Artist_Vicki Sullivan

So delighted that ‘The Drummer” has been accepted into the Lethbridge 20,000 Small Scale Art Award The exhibition opens on Sat June 18 until 27th June 2020   at the Lethbridge Gallery,136 Latrobe Terrace,
Paddington QLD 4064

The Drummer
Oil on linen
H 40cm x w 30cm

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Walter Van Teeffelen for this article for the Dutch Magazine in “If Then is Now”  Download Article

I just made a new Eye painting Time lapse Video on my Youtube Channel, Please Subscribe or give me the Thumbs up if you like it  Click here to watch

Thank you to Elizabeth Barden for featuring me in an Artists Can Interview Download Article

I am so delighted that my painting The Birth of Venus has been featured in an article in Realism Today Download Article

I am so excited to have my painting Moon Goddess,  included in the Internationally Curated Exhibition Story Tellers, Click here for details

31st March 2020 – 24th April 2020 at the Flinders Lane Gallery ,  Level 1, The Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

The opening is now a virtual Exhibition from  Saturday 4th April , until 24th April 2020

I am pleased to Announce my new Rose painting time lapse Videos on my youtube Channel here Click here to watch on my Youtube channel 

Please Subscribe to my Channel if you would like to see more of my painting Videos and give me the thumbs up

I am absolutely delighted that my painting  “The Journey Begins” which was the winner of an Art Renewal Center  Purchase award and is now in the Art Renewal Center collection, will be included in the Art Renewal Center Exhibition for prize winners of the Art Renewal Center Salon.
The show is scheduled to first open at the European Museum of Modern Art, (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain from December 6th, 2019 – February 2nd, 2020, where it will hang alongside the MEAM’s representational painting and sculpture competition, Figurativas. A joint award ceremony will be held on December 6th at the MEAM. This awe-inspiring international event will have artists from all over the world present and hundreds of people in attendance, showcasing the true international nature and collaborative spirit of this new wave in contemporary art.

The show will then travel to Sotheby’s, NY where it will be on Exhibit from July 17th – July 27th, 2020. Sotheby’s NY is the premier destination for auction and private sales, where undoubtedly the 21st Century Representational Art Movement will be showcased to an elite audience of collectors and art enthusiasts.
This year I will have had three paintings in three seperate exhibitions in the MEAM, it is such a dream come true, I need to pinch myself to believe that it is true.

Australian Portrait Artist_Vicki Sullivan

I am Thrilled to be featured in a Poets Artists Collector Focus article on Apple news

 Click here to read article

I am so excited to have my two paintings, “Hercules” and “Blue” selected for the 29th Abend Gallery Miniature exhibition in Denver Colorado  which runs from November 2nd  until December 7th, the  Opening reception: November 2nd, 6-9 PM

I am thrilled that my painting “Windflower” , oil and Silver leaf on linen, H 50cm x W 40cm has been selected as a finalist in Provocative Patterns, a Goss 183,  33 Contemporary Artsy exclusive , curated by  Loreena Kloosterboer   Click here

Realism Today , Ambassador of the Week

I am super excited that I have been made Ambassador of the week on the Realism today website Download article

My painting “The Canadian Model” below
has become a finalist in the “Art of the Nude”a  33 Contemporary Artsy Exclusive  Artsy Link

In Other big news

I’m delighted that my painting “Wild One” has been selected as a finalist in the Kennedy prize for Beauty,The Exhibition is open from Friday, 30th August to Saturday, 23 September at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, Level One, corner North Terrace & Kintore Avenue, Adelaide, South Australia

I’m so thrilled that my painting “The Journey begins” below  has been won an Art Renewal Center Purchase award  a  in the Art Renewal Center Salon competition,so it has gone of to a new home in the Art Renewal Center Collection and will be Exhibited at the European Museum of Modern Art later The show is scheduled to first open at the European Museum of Modern Art, (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain from December 6th, 2019 – February 2nd,  and then at Sotheby’s in New York  in 2020,where it will be on Exhibit from July 17th – July 27th,

In Other News below…..

My painting “When I dream of Magnolias” Has been selected for the Poets Artists Painting the Figure Now publication and is available on Artsy on my link here Artsy Page


I was warmly welcomed by the Swinburne University community at the unveiling of my portrait of now former University Chancellor Graham Goldsmith.The portrait will now form part of the Swinburne University collection and hang in the hall of former Chancellors.

Hidden Faces Exhibition… Melbourne

My Portrait’s of Director Fred Schepisi  “The Director” and  “Courage Camaraderie and Consequence”now in the Hidden Faces Exhibition

There is a peoples choice prize for the painting which receives the most votes, entry forms at the concierge desk

Where …
Pan Pacific Melbourne
2 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf VIC 3006

11/06/2019 to 03/10/2019

My painting “Girl in a Red Robe ” below was selected for the “Painting today”  exhibition at the European Museum of Contemporary Art, MEAM , opening on Friday 8th March, for International Women’s Day

Click here for Painting Today Information

It’s important to acknowledge this show, the curator, and the artists. The MEAM · Museu Europeu d’Art Modern is a unique Museum of figurative realism in The heart of Barcelona. There are very few of them in the world and the Meam does a very fine job. In reading their mission statement I was delighted that one of their goals is to give the art form a place to flourish and educate those visiting of the importance of giving a voice and a stage for figurative realism in the art world. And through the show “Painting Today” opening 3/8, the museum proves itself as being a leader by hiring curator Didi Menéndez to bring together 70 women artists to celebrate International Women’s Day. The artists are from every part of the world and deserving of international recognition just as much as their male counterparts. I’m honored and grateful to be part of this exhibition. It’s a must see and will be on until early May. 

My painting is available for purchase, email me on vicki.sullivan42@gmail.com for details


ZARAGOZA and BARCELONA here we come! Thrilled that this little painting of my niece “Dawn of an Age” will be featured in the 20×20 Exhibition by @galeriaartelibre to celebrate their 20th. Anniversary with over 160 international realist/figurative contemporary artists. From March 7th at Edificio Bantierra in Zaragoza and   the European Museum of Modern Art {MEAM} Museum in Barcelona from July 12th till September 1st 2019

I am delighted to say that my Painting Bliss has been selected to be exhibited in
“I Observe” at REHS CONTEMPORY Gallery,at 5 East 57th Street. 8th Floor. NYNY 10022. The opening is 1pm, Saturday 9th March and the exhibition finishes on 29th March 2019
Rehs Contemporary, along with PoetsArtists, is proud to announce I Observe, a group exhibition that explores the concepts of individuality and awareness. Collectively, more than two-dozen artists will have 30 works on display – each providing a unique lens into their observations.

More about the Exhibition, including Articles, opening photos etc click here

Bliss is available on Artsy, Click here to purchase

Download a catalogue here

My painting “Fey Whispers of Japonica” below ,has been selected for publication in “Adorn Me”, curated by Carol Hodes  a Poets Artists online exclusive exhibition on Artsy and Artnet with the Zhou B Art Center ,
For collectors click here https://www.artsy.net/artwork/vicki-sullivan-fey-whispers-of-japonica?fbclid=IwAR1GVqkfNxiPSnrS6wjYfZuM7ssgGzq18XccnSt-fjh6TPdZoBCUZWSBNA8

Emilio Longo from Skill-Based Art came to Interview me recently about Realist Painting.
Click on the Interview Link Below


I am super excited that my Charcoal drawing “Wild Thing” has been selected in the Figurative Realism publication, the 100th issue of Poets Artists in the USA,

For collectors click here  https://www.artsy.net/artist/vicki-sullivan

Kinima News
I am so delighted that my Charcoal drawing Kinima {see below}was selected and published in  “Strokes of Genius book 10” which has just been published

here is the link to Northlight books if you would like to buy a copy


Kinima Charcoal on Roma paper 52cm x 38cm

My painting Bliss with the lovely Luann Halsey at the opening of
WOMEN PAINTING WOMEN MEN PAINTING MEN VOICES WITH VISION exhibition at the RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton, New York, USA

My Painting Lighthorse Walers and Kangaroo feathers was awarded a Highly Commended in the Melbourne Society of Women Sculptors and painters annual Exhibition Changing Perspectives at the Victorian Artists Society from 7th oct until 16th October 2018

A Big thanks to “What’s Hamptoning” for a great article about my work,

Chasing dreams is something that motivates a lot of people. We try to save up and work as hard as we possibly can until we can achieve our goals. As important as that is, we are often reminded that what matters the most is the people next to us. Meet Vicki Sullivan, an artist based in Australia. In the interview below, the artist talks about her passion for realism and her long road to success. She also shares with us a tragic event that reminded her of the true importance of life. Read More https://whatshamptoning.com/realistic-art-magic-vicki-sullivan/

I am super happy that my painting “Bliss” has been selected as a finalist in the WOMEN PAINTING WOMEN MEN PAINTING MEN VOICES WITH VISION exhibition at the RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton, New York, USA, Opening on the 6th October at 2385 MAIN STREET ,BRIDGEHAMPTON, NY 11932

I am so pleased that my drawing Kinima has been selected for the 2018 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award which will tour throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia, travelling to several regional and metropolitan galleries during the two years between awards.

I am thrilled that my painting has been selected as a finalist in the Kennedy Prize in South Australia, at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts from the 7th September until the 23rd September,

I’m super excited to say My Portrait of my niece Goldie has just been sent to be exhibited in Spain in 2019 at  the MEAM Museum in Barcelona ,

Tales from the Studio,
Paintings by Vicki Sullivan

At the Mornington Shire Foyer Gallery
2 Queen St, Mornington VIC 3931
UUntil Friday  24th August

Including My portrait of Professor Daniel O’Brian the Doctor researching the Bairnsdale Ulcer , a flesh eating Ulcer which has become a severe problem on the Mornington Peninsula.

Percival Prize finalist

I’m delighted that my painting of Fred Schepisi, “The Director” has been selected as a finalist in the Percival Portrait prize in Townsville, QLD, The exhibition will take place at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery from Friday 27 April until Sunday 15 July 2018

Latest News

I am super excited because my drawing “Laktisma” has WON an Art Renewal Centre Publication Award, yipeee, this means that I will have an article about my work in Collection Magazine, founded in 1993, has published 252 monthly issues and has the highest reputation in art collection and art marketing in China. Collection Magazine was awarded China’s most influential journal in 60 years and was three times nominated for the “National Journal Award”
I am so over the moon about winning an Art Renewal Centre award, and I will be announcing on my News page when the article has been published.

Feb 2018

I was thrilled that two of my pieces have made it into the finals of the Art Renewal Centre Salon,  from 3750 entries from 69 countries, Laktisma, Graphite on Canson paper, and Reading Heidi, Oil on Linen,

My painting Lighthorse, Walers and Kangaroo feathers  won a Highly commended prize in the Sorrento Rotary Art Show in early January, a great way to begin the year.

I’m so pleased that my Painting “Back Study of Brianna,”  has Won the People’s Choice prize
Manning Art Prize, Naked and Nude
at the
Manning Art Gallery

My Painting Fleeting Lilly has won a second People’s Choice prize in the Jackson’s Mussini Oil painting competition in London, thanks you Jackson’s, Mussini oil paint  and thank you to everyone who voted for my painting