The Fey Whispers of Japonica
Lighthorse, Walers and Kangaroo feathers
Verismo, A Portrait of Deborah Cheetham
Ginger Jar with Cherries
Blue Plums and Chinese lidded bowl
Waiting in the Old China Cafe
Courage, Camaraderie and Consequence
John Waters Portrait
Portrait of Paul Salmon
Kimono with white Cranes
Ethiopia’s Morning Dip
Life’s Long journey
Lorissa in Pink Beret
Olivia by Lamplight
Portrait of Steve Bastoni
Persimmons with Imari Jug
Peaches with Chinese Vase
Imari Vase with Japonica
Pomegranates with Silver Bowl
Apricots with Ginger Jar
The IntrepidTraveller
Life Study 27 hours
Afternoon on San Giorgio Venice
Sunset on the Grand Canal
A river near Saintes
Chefchouen Stairway