Thinking about asking Vicki to paint an original custom portrait, as a Special gift, or just for you?

Here's how it works: To discover the ideal vision for your portrait project, Vicki will gather visual information about your portrait through conversation, photography and perhaps paint sketches from life. Vicki prefers to paint from her own photos and references but to paint a portrait as a surprise gift, working from your own photography is sometimes possible, depending on the photo.

Alternatively, the surprise could be an organized visit to Vicki’s studio for a photography session so Vicki can acquire the reference material for the your one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality portrait.
At the photoshoot we try different clothing, postures, lighting and background and choose the images the sitter and their family think look the best and most truly show the authentic “look” of the subject. A short video can also be taken to help capture the
personality of the sitter.

Pricing is simple and an upfront 50% deposit is required to secure your place on Vicki’s commissioned portrait schedule.

The time a commissioned portrait painting takes and the process used depends greatly on the scope of the work. Scheduling a meeting at Vicki’s studio, via telephone or email is the first step to beginning your portrait project. Once Vicki has a full understanding of your portrait project, simple, upfront pricing and potential delivery dates will be given.

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Australian Trade Commission Consul General,
Auckland, New Zealand,
and retired Businessman

In October 2016, my daughter and I visited  Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery to view a demonstration of portrait painting by 2 local artists.  Sue said Dad was enthralled.  True. Especially by the work of one artist : Vicki Sullivan.
Curiosity piqued, and determined to learn more about what she had described as realism painting, I rang Vicki a few weeks later and asked if she would be interested in painting my portrait !  “Why not ?” said Vicki.  “I’ve just finished one of a 90 year old”.  I was then 85.
So began an often intriguing and always enjoyable 7 months process during several settings both at my home and Vicki’s studio in Rye, Victoria.  My purpose was achieved well beyond expectations: to learn lots of fascinating, interesting, rewarding stuff about a superb professional artist’s methods, talent, technique, concentration, commitment, intelligence.  The very pleasing result showed Vicki’s purpose was admirably achieved ……

Judy Muir OAM

Vicki Sullivan is indeed a Master of the art.
Her paintings of my granddaughters are indeed exquisitely detailed and so true. They could simply walk out of their frames.
Photographs cannot depict the detail these paintings show. Skin tones and texture are true and tresses of hair cascade with life and vitality, the eyes are bright and alert and hands are truly dainty yet child-like.  The composition is complete, a moment in time perfectly captured.  Treasures indeed.

Mary Hollingworth
Portrait of Alan Hollingworth
We have a portrait of my husband done by Vicki.
What I love about it is her use of colour and shading catching the cheerfulness and kindness of my husband. It is a brilliant portrait and the light colours against a darker background works very well, the lighter being his face and neck. The use of light and shadow and the way she has caught his laughter lines and lines under his eyes is exemplary. It is very realistic and captures the essence of him. I never tire of looking at it and my friends and family just go wow….this is Alan., as in Vicki has caught him the way that they see him.

Dayle Purcell

My first experience of working with Vicki, was to have a portrait done of my beloved little dog Bonnie. Vicki was warmly welcoming and my little dog responded in kind. Bonnie was relaxed and calm. The resulting painting, is the perfect image of Bonnie. Her personality was captured so accurately, not only due to Vicki’s artist skill,  but also because she made the environment so easy for Bonnie to be natural & calm.
My the next meeting with Vicki was with my daughter on her 12th birthday. My daughter Georgia did a sitting with Vicki which lasted about an hour. Over that time Vicki made me daughter feel relaxed & so special,  that the pictures Vicki took was entirely stress free. It is difficult for a child to be so relaxed with a stranger, but Vicki is herself a calm & gentle natured person. The portrait of my child is the perfect rendition of Georgia. She is at ease and tranquil in the painting. Vicki has for all time captured the very essences of my darling girl. The painting exactly portrays Georgia, still child like but on the verge of blossoming into a teenager. The paintings I have from Vicki are priceless to me. I am always charmed by them. I am always captured by her skill as an artist and her sensitivity as a person.

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