Vicki Sullivan
Australian Portrait Artist

Vicki Sullivan

"It is always a challenge as an artist to capture a human's individual features and likeness while revealing the fundamental essence of the sitters' personality, soul and physical character. My aim is to give a very three dimensional aspect to the work which goes further and reveals something of the inner essence of my subject. I like my portraits to feel present, as if they could almost walk out of the painting.

My goal as I approach each painting is to depict a sincere honesty within each of my subjects and capture this within my painterly portrayal."


Portraits on Commission

An Heirloom or Corporate Portrait is something which will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The process to Commission a Portrait from Vicki involves a discussion between the person Commissioning the Portait and Vicki the Artist to create an original one of a kind Portrait in Oil or charcoal of your loved one or yourself.
In some cases Vicki will travel to the subject or a visit to the studio can be arranged for Vicki to aquire the reference material to work from.
A 50% deposit is required to be on Vicki’s Portrait Commission schedule.

Contact Vicki to Commission your very special one of a kind Original Portrait